Monday, May 9, 2016


      In this step in the journey I opened my own store called SADBOYS. This had a couple failures when first starting. When I first started I got a medium sized store right outside the city and got a $50,000 loan. This was a very rocky start with me loosing $10,000. I had some newspaper deals and radio advertising. This store almost failed when I got another $100,0000. At this point I still was not making a profit. Later, after one week I started making a profit. My first loan was due that same week. I failed.
       That was when I opened SADBOYS v2. In this store I used the things I learned from the first store and started making a profit in only 3 weeks. Then I tried to put more money in advertising and my profits rose to $8,000 a week. This was not enough. I began to set items in different locations. That was when I started loosing profit. It went to $5,000 a week. I quickly tried to put it back to what    it was before. This did not work. I went to $2,000 a week. I panicked and started throwing money at advertising and began to make negative profit. I gave up on that store and went to SADBOYS v3.
      This time, I changed the location to a store far from the city. I set my items up like I did in the security lesson. I got a $50,000 loan and began to wait. Using cereal as my loss leader I began to get customers. As my customer list rose so did my profit. I got it up to $19,000 a week, but I needed $20,000 to succeed. I started putting more money into advertising and nothing happened. Then I started hiring more stockers and my profit rose $25,000 a week and I succeeded. I began to starting buying more products and put more security. This got me to $40,000 a week. The final thing I did to raise profit was increase margin and got it to hover around $43,000 a week. Now SADBOYS v3 has made millions and been a huge success.

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